Custom sunroom addititions are a light-filled space where you can sit and relax, the walls constructed entirely of windows. Sometimes the roof has skylights built into the ceiling.  The effect is that you feel as though you are outdoors but you have the benefits of being inside – warm, safe, and dry.  Sunrooms also reduces energy costs. allow you to enjoy the extra space as well as the feeling of being outdoors all year-round (yet stay warm, dry, and comfortable inside)

A really beautiful sunroom becomes an alternative living or family room – a great space for dinner parties, family gatherings, or serene “alone” time.  On days when you don’t want to venture outside, you can still enjoy views of your garden.  And a sunroom is probably the most multi-purpose and versatile area of a home.

The key features of great sunrooms

  • Extra square footage to your home
  • Increased property value
  • Lower heating and electrical bills (the sun’s natural heat warms the space and provides illumination)
  • Unparalleled ambiance

Colony takes pride in supplying well-constructed 3 and 4-season sunrooms that use a unique insulation and ventilation system, so they’re comfortable and useable all year long.