Kitchen Additions

Kitchen Additions The Heart of the Home

Like bathroom additions or renovations, a kitchen addition or remodeling is a very popular home improvement.  A kitchen represents a high percentage of your property’s overall value and is a frequent gathering place for family and friends Often thought to be the heart of a home, a kitchen is a communal area, so family, friends, and guests alike benefit from a kitchen remodeling.

It’s popular these days to extend a kitchen to include areas where people can socialize and relax.  Couples with young children often choose these kinds of kitchen additions because they can prepare meals while keeping an eye on children playing nearby.



  • Use islands and peninsulas to give you additional food preparation and serving areas.
  • Coffered or pitched ceilings can also distinguish the kitchen area from neighboring rooms.
  • Install a high ceiling in the kitchen, to give the perception of spaciousness.  In contrast, a low ceiling in the dining area creates a sense of intimacy.
  • Build a walk-in pantry.
  • Add a kitchen canopy.
  • Install dropped soffit boards and shallow ceiling-mounted cabinets provide storage and subtle visual definition.