Decks and Porches

Decks and PorchesBeautiful outdoor living space

Decks and Porches are out door living spaces. We all want to relax outdoors, so when it comes to outdoor renovations, an inviting  seating area is a wonderful addition to your family life.  You can enjoy morning coffee on your deck and porch and later have dinner there after using the grill.

Some decks provide elevation, value, and immediate focus to the sitting area.  It complements a patio as a hub of activity and can be as elaborate or simple as you want.  Also, consider building a front farmers porch – with a swing seat and maybe a few rockers.


Colony specializes in designing and building high-quality outdoor living areas.  We are unique in our approach in several ways.  We design and create outdoor extensions of the home that truly belong and blend in architecturally.  The high-performing alternative decking, railing, trim, and features that we install are standard, rather than an option.  Of course, each one of our decks & porches is a custom-designed.  Feel free to browse our deck, porch, and patio photo gallery to see the variety


Enjoy morning coffee on your deck, porch and patio and later have dinner there after using the grill.