Design Build Remodeling Process

Design Build Remodeling Contractor

Design Build Remodeling Process

Colony Home Improvement, Inc. is a Design Build firm, which means we frequently serve our clients as both the designer and builder for their projects.  (If our clients already have a professional house plan, we use their building plans to produce a proposal.)






Design Build Remodeling Contractor

Design Build as an Alternative to Hiring an Architect

For many years in the contracting business, homeowners and business owners hired an architect to design their projects.  Then they would seek bids from several contractors.  Frequently, even the lowest bid would exceed the client’s budget.  Another problem was that bids were calculated based solely on the information in the architect’s plans, which often do not include building cost estimations.




Design Build Remodeling Contractor

The Design Build Advantage

Professional contractors know the various costs intrinsic to construction.  And builders who also took on the responsibility of the design discovered that their customers were much more satisfied with the process, the cost, the time spent, and the finished product.  This concept came to be known as “Design Build.”




Design Build Remodeling Contractor

The Design Build Process: A Win-Win Situation

With Colony, we design within your budget.  You can describe to us the home improvement you have in mind, and we can provide you with the estimated cost of designing and building your project.  The budget estimate is a free service that helps potential clients determine the investment required to obtain the home improvement they’re considering.  We believe it’s best to share information on approximate costs so that the potential client can make a judgment about whether to proceed, without spending thousands of dollars on addition plans.



Design Build Remodeling ContractorWe Design to Your Budget

Our estimate is based on the information you provide.  If you find that the estimate exceeds your budget, we will let you know whether it’s possible to do the work requested within your budget and, if so, how.  (There are numerous ways to reduce the cost of a project, such as substituting one material for another, reducing the size of an addition, designing the project differently, etc.)


The Benefits of Choosing the Design Build Approach

There are so many benefits to hiring a Design Build company rather than hiring an architect in addition to a builder.  Here are a few:

1. Quality

The Design Build contractor knows that s/he must be accurate from design concept to completion of construction.  And the contractor – quite familiar with the design, since s/he helped develop it – can accurately budget the construction and ensure compliance with the design plans.

2. Better cost estimation  

Contractors with years of experience know the costs of most materials (and new materials can be priced easily).

 3. Comprehensive house plans 

As builders, we know how detailed a renovation plan must be.  We ensure that a design plan addresses all the specifications (including options) necessary to meet a client’s needs and preferences, with costs known ahead of time.

4. Clients need to communicate with only one company

This fact substantially reduces the time you need to spend on the phone regarding your project.

5. Clear Understanding   

Since there is no third party, there’s no possibility of differing interpretations of the plan.

6. Efficiency 

When the designer and contractor can work as a team for the entire process, we can streamline communication and make decisions regarding building plans, materials, and methods more efficiently.

7. Saving Time in Completing the Project

In Design Build projects, design and construction overlap in time.  Therefore, the amount of time that would be required for bidding and redesign periods is eliminated.  In short, total design and construction time can be significantly reduced.  We can order materials and begin building before the construction documents are fully completed.  The resulting time savings translates into earlier enjoyment of your home renovation.

8. Reduced Administrative Burden

During design and construction, the owner doesn’t need to invest time and money in coordinating and arbitrating between separate architectural plans and construction contracts.  S/he can focus on decision-making instead.

9. Improved Time and Cost Management and Accountability

Clients using our Design Build expertise can expect the cost, schedule, and quality to be clearly defined and the goals met.  Change orders due to “errors and omissions” are virtually eliminated because Colony has sole responsibility both developing custom building plans and specifications and constructing a fully-functioning renovation/addition.

Colony Home Improvement can bring its design and construction expertise to every aspect of your renovation/addition.  Our reputation for original design, quality, and attention to detail sets us apart from the competition.  In addition, our long-term relationships with suppliers and building inspectors result in a streamlined process for the homeowner.  You’ll know – and you’ll feel –  that you’re in good hands from start to finish.

We invite you to come to us with your own unique remodeling and construction ideas.  Our goal is to make your dreams come true within a realistic budget, and to provide guidance gleaned from 40 years of experience.