Custom Bay Window Seat with Built-Ins

Putting that Space Below Your Window to Good Use

The area below a window, often given over to houseplants and little else, is an excellent opportunity for a creative, built-in custom bay window seat. Sun filled windows with views are the perfect places to host a selection of cushions, a tray for your beverage, a soft throw and maybe a place to keep your books. By filling the recess of a window, you can increase the comfortable seating places in your home.

Different decorative styles and shapes can enhance the comfort level and look of a window. Can’t you just imagine a custom bay window seat style which suits you in your living, dining, bedroom or children’s room?

The beauty of built-in  custom bay window seat is that you can customize them to work best for the people who will use them the most. They organize your clutter and make cluttered rooms clean and big.  At the same time, they enhance the selling value of your home.