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Consider corner cabinets for your kitchen remodeling.
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Corner Cabinets Increase and Organize Storage Space in Your Kitchen

One of the most popular home remodeling services in Massachusetts is a kitchen makeover. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where families gather to socialize, cook, dine, do homework, work on projects and more. All of those activities involve “stuff” and that stuff needs to live someplace!

Most homeowners agree there is no such thing as too much storage space in any room of their house, but especially in the kitchen! One trend reported by remodeling contractors in Norwood and throughout the state involves the addition of corner cabinets. Here are three reasons they are in such high demand.

Corner Cabinets Are Ideal for Storing Items That Are Not Used Regularly

If you want to include open shelving and/or glass cabinet doors in your next kitchen renovation in Massachusetts, you need to be careful to keep clutter to a minimum. While it’s not too difficult to keep your dishes and glasses neat and organized because you’re frequently using them, washing them and putting them away, lesser-used items may gather dust. They may also be utilitarian and necessary but not showcase worthy. A corner cabinet is ideal for storing items you need but not often. Your five-gallon stock pot, crockpot, pressure cooker, juicer, rice cooker, pasta maker, sushi-rolling tools and others can remain handy but out of sight until you need them.

Remodeling services may recommend corner cabinets.

Talk to remodeling services about using corner cabinets.

Corner Cabinets Can Make a Unique Design Footprint Functional

Sometimes, homeowners pursue remodeling services in Massachusetts because they have unique layout challenges. While open-concept kitchens are trendy right now, in some homes, they’re simply not feasible due to load-bearing walls or concrete fire walls in older homes. Instead of bemoaning a galley-shaped, L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen, you can get creative with corner cabinetry. You may not have space for a large kitchen island, but you can make up for that lack of storage space by turning your corners into cabinets.

Corner Cabinets Are Ideal for Adding a Rotating Lazy Susan

If you are hesitant to incorporate corner cabinets into your kitchen remodeling in Norwood because you are an “out of sight, out of mind” type of person, consider a lazy Susan. Essentially, this is a rotating turntable that includes tiers, usually at least three. It fits perfectly into a corner kitchen cabinet, which has enough depth for the turntable to rotate. This solves the out of sight, out of mind dilemma perfectly. Simply give the Lazy Susan a spin and you will see all of your items and options slowly roll past you so you can quickly and easily see what you have and make the right choice.

Thanks to our decades of experience renovating, remodeling and adding on to Massachusetts homes, you can rely on us to deliver on your kitchen remodel. We can show you inspiring before and after photos of kitchens we’ve created and help bring your own unique vision to reality. Contact us at Colony Home Improvement to get started today!

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