The Advantages of 3D Custom Plans

Custom Room PlansWhy Do I Need 3-D Custom Room Plans?

3-D custom home plans are a visual communication tool so you, along with Colony Home Improvement, can see your remodeling ideas in 3-dimensional clarity.

You don’t have to use your imagination or decipher complicated architectural drawings. You can actually see your renovation plans and home floor plans with 3-D renderings before you build or remodel your home. This virtually eliminates change orders and surprises which means less cost to you!

Custom Room PlansYou Have More Control

Our design/build custom room plans program offers you an interactive participation in regulating the 3 key design elements of a successful remodeling project :

  • scope
  • complexity
  • budget

The following 3D renderings show the same kitchen and room remodel along with their building plans.

Which are easier to understand? 3D renderings or blue prints?


Fully detailed architectural renovation plans eliminate change orders which equals less cost to you!


We Build Within Your Budget!

Simply describe to us the home improvement you have in mind, and we can provide you with the estimated cost of designing and building your project.  The budget estimate is a free service that helps potential clients determine the investment required to obtain the home improvement they’re considering.  We believe it’s best to share information on approximate costs so that the potential client can make a judgment about whether to proceed, without spending thousands of dollars on addition plans.